科隆之聲  Michael Mayer - Mantasy World Tour  


Michael Mayer - Mantasy World Tour 



Michael Mayer 4小時獨家DJ演出

○Petshop Boys, Moby ,Depeche Mode, Paul Kalkbrenner指定混音

○彗星Gui Boratto, The Field 的天才發掘者 

●混音工程師/ DJ /製作人/ 唱片公司創立人/ 唱片發行人 

○新專輯Mantasy 線上專業電舞雜誌RA 四星評鑑


在地的獨立廠牌與唱片行以及發行商素質水準極高、 是通往世界的飛翔之翼。
科隆的Michael Mayer之於Kompakt,就如同Sven Vath 之於Cocoon一般、都是德式電音的傳奇巨星。Kompakt前身為科隆獨立唱片行、Kompakt出現的靈感來自Andy Warhol 的創作工坊The Factory、從藝術起始、開啟海天一線的獨家商業網路。與廠牌另兩位創立人相較;Mayer的出現讓Kompakt廠牌獲得商業上垂直整合的能力、並打通獨立廠牌所能進行的多樣性變革計畫。從而成為超過50間獨立廠牌與之長期合作的知名發行商、孕育電舞搖籃之母。他的每一次前瞻性舉動都帶給Kompakt劇烈變化;奠定Kompakt在創立品牌後10年,成為獨立音樂市場上最受矚目的電子音樂品牌地位。擁有獨立發行商的地位與專屬錄音室;還有藝人經紀與唱片公司不間斷供應最先端的創意聲源。從而被譽為科隆之聲。 而Mayer對音樂敏銳嗅覺與廣泛包容度、讓他在接收新聲音時反應也相對出色。從簽下Kompakt旗下的知名藝人如Gui Boratto、Rex the Dog、 The Field、Superpitcher等知名單位就可略知端倪。在忙於廠牌運作與發行計畫之外、他本身的DJ水準更備受外界肯定;如資料庫般的選曲編排功力與探索新聲響的熱情一氣渾成的展現在自己的DJ表演中、被封為科隆DJ傳奇。英國長期排名世界前十名巨型舞場、以強化聲音表現為宣傳方向的Fabric,剛開始發行知名合輯時就邀他操刀以Techno,Tech House為選曲方向的Fabric第十三號作品。而他在自家品牌發售的DJ混音專輯Immer則被Pitchfork認為是千禧年後最重要的前兩百張專輯之一、於線上專業電舞雜誌RA則獲得2000年首席最重要混音專輯、在滾石雜誌也獲得極高評價。,Mayer自身優異的混音功力也讓他獲得到知名主流藝人如Pet Shop Boy, Depeche Mode與獨立樂團Foals以及電舞的重要藝人Moby與Paul Kalkbrenner及Alter Ego的製作邀約。這次他以發行相距八年後的個人全新創作專輯Mantasy世界巡迴來到亞洲。並將以長達4小時的音樂表演與當晚所有舞迷進行對話。這晚我們將會和倫敦的Fabric,巴黎的Rex,柏林的Panorama Bar同樣欣賞到這位被稱為DJ中的英雄所帶來的超水準演出。

Renown DJ and Kompakt co-owner, Michael Mayer shall shortly embark on his most ambitious tour ever in support of his
sophomore full length "Mantasy" out October 22nd.
As a DJ, label owner, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany's core celebrities in dance music,
spending his weekends traveling around the globe and his weekdays overseeing Kompakt's output as well as its distribution
wing - the home to over 50 independent record labels. It is quite an amazing feat, then, that he manages to sneak into the studio
on occasion to produce his own music and remix the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Foals and Rufus Wainwright,
continuously building his chops and honing his craft.
Young Michael was exposed to DJing when he befriended a neighbourhood DJ, and managed to score turntables and a mixer a
wee 14 years old. By 1993, after countless school dances and a first club residency, Michael Mayer was riping through
Cologne’s DJ scene with partner in crime Tobias Thomas and discovered the record store Delirium, whose co-owner he became
shortly after. Delirium evolved into Kompakt in 1998... and the rest is history, as they say. A history that includes the inception
of „Total Confusion“, arguably Cologne’s most famed and longest running underground club night, worldwide DJ residencies at
the most respected clubs, the release of „Immer“ (heralded as one of the most essential mix CD’s of all times by the likes of
Rolling Stone, Pitchfork or Resident Advisor) and the impressive album debut „Touch“ from 2004.
Now, after having shown many a time how different the drum is that he’s beating, Michael Mayer readies the long-awaited
release of his sophomore album „Mantasy“, an indispensable update of his production sound and an essential release for
Kompakt in 2012: „It’s my second solo album, but for me it’s really the first one“, says Michael, and indeed the masterful
sequencing and high production values bear witness to an artist in full control of his medium. The album’s title refers to the
escapist momentum of a cinematic journey into the unknown, to history’s great explorers, but also to his own personal path... a
path that lead to Kompakt, whose main ambassador he has always been.
Considering that „Mantasy“ tells an epic story about travelling and exploring, the ensuing worldwide DJ tour is not just an
industry commodity, but a narrative necessity: as a „DJ’s DJ“, Michael Mayer is known to spin records as well as tales,
combining choice cuts for the greater groove and allowing the music to breathe. That’s why he opted for a very special „all
night long“ approach to the tour, presenting a series of extended sets in his favorite clubs such as Barcelona’s Nitsa, London’s
Fabric or Offenbach’s Robert Johnson, effectively curating both places and sounds that have played an important role in his life.
An intimate and sweeping trip to the core of the Kompakt sound itself, „Mantasy“ - the album and the tour – picks up on the
worldwide esteem the producer and DJ is held in, and it does so in the most versatile manner, perfectly showcasing the many,
many sides of Michael Mayer.



Zephec Hsu

Michael Mayer (Special Extended 4 Hours DJ SET)

○日期DATE:2012/12/07 (Fri)

●時間TIME:Midnight ~ 05:00 AM


●地址ADDRESS:台北市文山區羅斯福路4段200號 No.200, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116,

●票價TICKET PRICE:預售票600元 Presale NTD600 現場800元 At Door NTD800

●全家 FamiPort ● 7-11 ibon



Deeplay 大安區敦化南路一段187巷15號A1 2711-5539

4am Cafe 台北市光復南路308巷38號1樓 2741-1170

自然醒咖啡公寓 台北市和平東路二段157號2樓 2709-6066

有種唱片 台北市昆明街96巷20號2樓 2375-5518

SCREAMING BOUTIQUE 台北市昆明街109號B1-1 02-23896936

主辦單位: 翠普文化 協辦單位: 燧人氏 PIONEER DJ


從地底發出的聲響, 會持續改變世界的運作邏輯

接觸, 就從此刻開始

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